How to get payoneer card in Pakistan

Posted: February 24, 2014 in Technology

I receive a lot of queries regarding withdrawing money via Payoneer MasterCard® and the users ask me about the banks in Pakistan where Payoneer or any other MasterCard® is supported. So I decided to write this post where I am listing the Pakistani banks where MasterCard® is supported at their ATMs. In addition, I’ll tell you about a method which will help you in finding any nearest MasterCard® supported ATM in your city or town. First lets have a look over the names of banks in Pakistan where MasterCard® is supported.
MasterCard® Supported Banks in Pakistan
1. Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB)
I personally use ATM of MCB in my area as other supported banks aren’t available here in Gilgit city at the time of this publish. Although Faysal bank is operating but the ATM at Faysal bank gave me “General Processing Error” so MCB stands first in my list where you can withdraw money via MasterCard® without facing any issue.
2. Standard Chartered Bank
Standard Chartered Bank has a great banking system in Pakistan and other countries of the world and it also owns MasterCard® supporting ATMs. So if any branch of SCB is located nearer to you, you can withdraw money from there conveniently. AT ATMs of SCB, you can make large transactions too.
3. Citi Bank
Citi Bank also owns MasterCard® supported ATMs and you can use its ATMs also if any of above mentioned banks aren’t located nearer to you. I haven’t used ATMs at Citi Bank yet but they work and are used by Payoneer users in Pakistan.
4. Faysal Bank
Faysal Bank sits at bottom in my list as it ate up my $12 when I attempted to withdraw money through its ATM here in Gilgit. I tried three times but all the times, the ATM of Faysal Bank gave me “General Processing Error”. I failed to withdraw money but the withdrawal fee got deducted. I then used MCB’s ATM to make the transaction later.
So if Faysal bank is the only choice for you, ensure that you are at a main branch. If the transaction fails the first time, don’t try again as the withdrawal charges may deduct even on failed attempts like it happened with me.

How to Find Any Nearest MasterCard® Supported ATM?

To find a MasterCard® supported ATM near your residence, just visit MasterCard® Global ATM Locator page here and select country and city to view where the ATMs are located. You can filter the locations by ZIP code too which makes finding the ATMs easiest.
I hope now it will be easy for you to find a MasterCard® supported bank in Pakistan or any other country.

Relations are of many  types and each of them has a different name and nature. But, there are some relationswhich are considered to be the most strong, apparent, firm and true. It may be unfair to write that there are merely 10 strong relations  in the whole world but the writer has tried hard to mention the most strong relationship in this article.

Survival without a relationship is not possible in this globalized world. Today, a state is nothing if it does not have any relationship with rest of the countries. Take an example of North Korea. North Korea does not enjoy the fruits of relations like other states. It is supposed to be isolated and cut from the whole world. Where as, the South Korea nearly located to North Korea enjoys all the productive results of keeping relationship with the entire world. It is known as one of the best allies of United States. Simply put, America maintains balance of power through South Korea in the region.And, Hands Morganthau has rightly said that relations are made on the basis of mutual interest.

United State has fought a number of back door wars against North korea and helped South Korea for maintaining its hegemony in the region.  To continue with cultural relations, China and Pakistan have the best cultural ties in the whole world. Though there are a number of states that enjoy more or less cultural relationship but China and Pakistan are supposed to head them. 

                                   Pak China People to People relations

It has been recently disclosed that the cultural relations between China and Pakistan are speedily growing because the ratio of marriage between Pak-Chinese couples has increased.
The third strongest relationship is of relations of intellegence agencies. India has been enjoying secret relations with Israel and it has been revealed that RAW and Mossad have the most strongest intelligence cum secret ties.  It is said that both intelligence agencies has colloborately worked against Pakistan since years and this has been unfolded to the entire world.

The fourth strong relationship is between man and woman. This couple  hails to a royal family and it is said that more than 3 billion people had watched their marriage ceremony on their television screens live. Yes, they are William and Catherine.
The fifth strong relationship is between two religions. Though, these two religions have many ideological difference yet both are very strong and unbiased with each other.  Certainly, they are Judaism and Christianity. 

The Sixth strong relationship is Political in nature. Politically, many states have strong relations but Pakistan and King Saudi Arabia are above all. Saudi Arab and Pakistan enjoy strong political ties and most of the political decisions of Pakistan are  decided in KSA or UAE.

The seventh strong relationship is economic relationship.  The leading economic relationship is between US and EU. United States and European Union have the highest trade volume in the whole world. Though, China is emerging as a top trade volume country yet EU and US legged it behind.

The eight strong relations is between deciple and spiritual master. There are thousands of disciples in this work following their masters.  It varies continent to continent and countries to countries. But, in sub continent these kinds of relations are common and  of highest value.

The ninth strong relationship is between companies. There are millions of companies that have strong coordination and cooperation on different segments of a business. They have collaboratively reduced the size of the planet. These MNCS (Multinational Companies) have become a strongest pillar of a state. Most of the countries economies depend over the business of these companies. 
The tenth strong relationship is between parents and children. Parents play pivotal role in growing their children in an amicable way. They have given birth to many rulers and kings. It is they who had given birth to scientists, sociologists, astrologists, Doctors, Engineers etc. If they had not produced intellectual minds, the growth in any sector would not have been possible.


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30 ways to make money online        

Gone are the days when people had to run here and there for making money. The following  30 ways of making money are the best ways to be rich through online business. 
Freelancer is a web site where most of the people look for work or hiring content writers. It is a very big platform of making money and there are many kinds of projects being posted by employers from the whole world.
This is another web platform through which outsourcing is carried out on hourly basis. It is working like freelancer but slightly different in template and designing. It is more famous for media projects like photo editing etc.
Odesk is supposed to be leading web pages for content and SEO writing. There are plenty of projects available for e books writing, content management, article writing, and ghost writing. It is one of the highly recommended platforms.
It is slightly different from others in terms of looks and working but still highly used for online making money. It is one of the best websites you would ever use for online earning.
5.      Google ad sense
Google is one of the best search engines on the Internet. It offers online adsense services for bloggers and web site builders. You can place google ads and earn on pay per click via online. 
6.      Ad fly 
Ad fly is a company of placing and promoting ads of different organizations. It offers home based jobs to internet users across the globe. It is known for ads posting on social media web pages.
7.      Affiliation promos 
There are plenty of companies that offers affiliation web promotion services. You can earn a big amount of bucks by getting a affiliated verified accounts from the companies. You can use them for blogs or for many other sites.
8.      Online Surveys 
There are many websites which place their survey on different blogs under some shared profits. It is also a big source of making money online today. 
9.      Donanza.con
It is also supposed to be best web site for freelancing purposes. You can get plenty of writing projects from this web site and earn a amount of money. 
This company is providing different internet marketing solutions. It hires people from home and sets certain task of online marketing and ads posting. It is also growing its business and worth making money web site.
It is a blogging platform where you can launch your free blogging web site. You can add many ads of different companies on your blog with good returns.
It works like but slightly more advanced and highly used. There are millions of word press bloggers from the whole world. It is considered to be best outsourcing platform.
This website has been designed with regard to providing or hiring freelancing service. It is very good web place for making money online.
It is also working like guru but slightly different in content and web space. It is growing web site for new freelancer. 
This is the site where most of the designs of logos and web designing is generally dealt. It is a good place for earning from home.
This website provides online developer services to its customers. If you are a developer then you should be a member of this webpage.
It is working like but solely dedicated for designing purpose. Here designers from the whole world are hired and offered jobs and projects.
It is a online magazine that provides online jobs to internet users. There are millions of readers of this magazine and supposed to be highly paying freelancing employer.
This is a one of the best place where online jobs can be acquired. It was a small industry in the teething years now supposed to be highly visited web site. It is a good source for making money online.
This is an American website which is quite old and professional. It is the place where American companies hire best designers from the whole world. If you are creative then join this site and make money online. 
It is the place where most of the Seo experts are generally found. If you are writing on keywords then must visit the site for making money online. 
This is the hub of social networking site. It has more than 2 billion users. You can earn by simply posting links of your referrals in different groups or web pages. It is growing very rapidly as source of income.
23.  Place ads on your website 
There are thousands of companies which have online advertisement portals. You can simply copy their links and post the referral on your html page. You would be paid according to pay per click policy. 
It is a very big company which offers online publishing service. You can get from this website and post  them on your blog or any other highly visited web page of your own. You can also making money through this way.
25.  Online store 
Since the shopping has turned out to be online, you can place an online store of ebay or Amazon on your website. Each purchasing of item will give you a commission amount. It is another way of online business. 
26.  Pay per post
There are millions of forums where pay per post money is possibly earned. You just need to post a link and get paid. 
27.  SEO Content
Search Engine Optimization is a good source of earning money by offering on page and off page hat services to different clients. It works as to improve google search ranking system. It is big growing online business. 
28.  Ad posting work
This is very simple and easy work. You just need to post an ad on any website or forum. Once clicked you would be paid of it.  It is a good source of making money online.
29.  Links exchanging campaign
It is called link building way of earning the money. You need to exchange link of your client with many other websites, it is generally a project which is taken from many websites like 
It is a big platform of earning money. This website provides complete solution to making money online. Once you signed up, you would start earning the money.
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Importance Of Education For Drivers

Reading without reflecting is like eating without digesting. These words of Burke clearly paint the picture of importance of education. Education for drivers is really importance. Unless they are not educated, they would never learn the basic essentials of life. Yes, the basic essentials of life begin with communication and behaviour. If you have behaving in a good manner, it reflects your teachings and grooming.  Since, drivers have to deal with local and tourist passengers, they must get themselves educated because well dressed and well mannered people are loved by all and sundry. 

Why drivers should take education?

There are plenty of reasons  for drivers to acquire more and more education. The foremost reason among them is that education uplifts life style of drivers. It does not confine drivers to stick with the same profession. After acquiring education, they do not only grow professionally but also economically and socially.  

The following are the main reasons for  Importance Of Education For Drivers

§  Education brings revolutionary and evolutionary changes in human nature

§  It opens window of opportunity for drivers

§  It helps drivers to communicate in International languages with tourists

§  Education can make a driver as a tourist guide

§  Education is a economic threshold

§  It helps drivers to understand the mechanical abilities and functions of cars

§  It helps drivers in understanding the basic concepts of navigation

§  It is necessary for maintaining friendly relations with customers

Importance of education for drivers is of paramount importance. It is not necessary for becoming a good driver rather it is highly recommended for becoming a good human.

What kind of education should drivers take?

§  Legal education must be taken with regard to understanding traffic rules and laws

§  Economic education and basic mathematics should be learned for calculation

§  Map reading at smaller scale should be learned for route management

§  Brief knowledge of International languages should be acquired

§  General understanding of cultural, ethics and communications should be taken

§  It is also necessary to understand the importance of moral values

It is said that unless you do not have expertise in your profession and capability of learning, you can never be a good professional in life. Even the university Woodrow Wilson states that everyone has to be diversified and education worm.

Basically, people do not take education with regard to understanding its meaning and purpose rather people take education for increasing their profitability. This vague concept should not be adhered at all. Education is a  barrier of all wrong doings and it is a threshold of your success.  However, drivers need to realize that pursuance to education should never be ended after deeply involving in the driving profession. Rather, it would help you in bringing innovative ideas in your field which may bring more success in your life. Hence, drivers should take the it very seriously if they intend to excel their profession to a height of success.

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The top 10 popular Afrikaans songs has earned a good status in the entertainment world and they are supposed to be grossly listened across the globe. These have been sung in different African states and supposed to have different style of Afro music.  
1.      Mafikizolo – Khona Ft .Uhuru (South Africa)
Khona track is supposed to be a big hit of 2013 year. It was released in February 2013 and has been sung in Zulu language. This Afro pop song has the genre of Kwaito and released in an album knows as Reunited. Basically, this song had been sung with the motto of reuniting the sad feelings with happiness and the band that has engineered this beautiful Afrikaans Songs is Mafikizolo.

2.      Fuse ODG – Antenna Ft. Wyclef Jean (Ghana)

Fusa ODG lies in the second position of top 10 popular Afrikaans Songs chart. He is hailing from Ghana and holding the view that this song is life changing music. This song of Fuse has been released on 22nd May 2013 and supposed to be grossly heard across the region.  Basically the real name of Fuse ODG is Nana Richard and considered to be British Ghanaian Musician. The Antenna song of Fuse brought a big success in his life.

3.      P-Square – Personally (Nigeria)

P-Square is a band of twin African brothers Peter and Paul and they are hailing from Nigeria. Personally was one of the best songs they have ever produced and it was the reason this song has been nominated for Mtv Ema Best African Award. Personally song lies in the top 3 category and had been released on 21st of June 2013. The video of this song had been directed by Jude Engees Okoye.

4. Dj Vetkuk vs Mahoota feat Dr Malinga Via Orlando Remix (South Africa)

Dj Vetkuk and Mahoota are the singers from South Africa. They have recently released a damn good remix song called as Via Orlando. This song has been remained a big hit in the past few months. It was released in April 2013. These two Djs have earned a remarkable status in the entertainment world and their song Orlando falls on at the fourth number among 10 Popular Afrikaans Songs.

5. DJ Sbu – Lengoma feat. Zahara (South Africa)

This song has been originally sung by Zahara in 2012 – a famous singer of South Africa. Dj Sbu has re sung the Lengoma song in march 2013 and falling on the fifth number in the top 10 Afrikaans Songs chart list. In this song, you would find catchy chorus combined with many nodding music. This song is coupled with a beautiful music and short verses. Though  it does not have fast music yet worth listening.

6. Kcee – Limpopo (Nigeria)

Kcee is a growing talent in the African music industry and coming on cover photos of different magazines like My Streetz . Writer of this magazines reveals that he is going to give big boost to the Nigerian music because he has got a very sweet singing style. This Limpopo song is based on the Limpopo river of South Africa and had been released in June 2013. Kcee states that hard work does not kill us rather ignorance. He lies on number 6 position in top 10 Afrikaans Songs.

7. Zone Fam – Contolola (Zambia)

Zone Fam is a very famous musical group of Zambia.  It is comprised on four members Yung Verbal , Thugga, Dope G, and Jay Rox. This song had been released in 2012 and It was the first debut of Taurus musilk. The theme of this song is to control Zambia. Furthermore, the lyrics of this song is meant that how to last influence at your surroundings. It falls at seventh number in the Afrikaans Songs top 10 categoty.

8.  Radio & Weasel – Magnetic (Uganda)

Radio and Weasel are Ugandan singers who have sung this Magnetic song. This group based on two singers started the debut in 2008 and has a good place in the Afro music. This song has got a very good content. Actually this song had been originally sung by Byron lee. It lies on the eight position at the moment. 

9. R2bees – It’s Alright  (Ghana)

This song Its Alright had been produced by Kill beatz and it was released in the May 2013. It’s Alright song has been released with the famous African album known as  “Refuse to be broke “ Da revolution II. This album has been a big hit after its release and it is falling on ninth number in the African music chart. 

10. Ice Prince – VIP (Nigeria)

Panshak  Zamani famously known as Ice Prince is a Nigerian based singer. He has sung many single songs in the recent years but the most famous among them VIP. It was released on 14th of April 2013 and is a hip hop melody. It was supposed to be released with Fire of Zamani album but removed from the album and singly released. This song has earned many positions in the African entertainment industry. Presently it falls on tenth position in top 10 Afrikaans Songs.

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How can L-carnitine reduce your weight
L-carnitine is a ammonia compound which synthesized in the fundamental unit of human body. It is considered to be best ingredient for rapid losing your weight. Basically, it has the tendency to boost up your metabolic system which helps you in reducing the availability of fats in the body. It is mainly responsible for carrying out fats to mitochondria for their breakdown. Simply put, this L-carnitine for weight loss helps you to reduce your useless fats which causes extra body weight.  The researchers of medicine fields have opined that use of this ingredient is of paramount importance for keeping a maintained weight.
Besides, it is responsible for burning intra abdominal fats. It has been suggested by the doctors to heavy weight carriers that unless you do no loose Visceral fat of your body by increasing the metabolic system, you would never lose your useless weight. It is the reason L-carnitine for weight loss has been produced. It is a best supplement in this regard and supposed to be free from any kind of side effects. This whole of breaking the fats down is called as fatty oxidation process.
L-carnitine for weight loss is not only beneficial for burning your fats but also improving your overall body performance. It makes your proactive and highly athletic in terms of physical moment. It has the ability to increase the capability of already stored carnitine in muscles.  Journal of physiology has unveiled an astounding secret of the is supplement that it helps you to improve your ability of physical running and weight lifting.
The following positive effects are occurring after taking this supplement:
§  Increasing working capability
§  Improving athletic tendency
§  Rapid recovery from heavy exercise pains
§  Increasing the power of muscles
§  Helping to reduce stress oxidation
§  Improving your overall digestive and metabolic system
§  Rapidly break downing useless fats in the power house of cells.
§  Improving anabolic system 
§  Improving your brain performance
There are plenty of reasons for taking L-carnitine reduce your weight  supplement. The foremost among them is the burning of fats. Actually, carnitine  is considered to be amino acid which is generated from methionie and lysine. It goes without saying that carnitine can also be found in natural supplements like sun flower, red meat, seeds, nuts, vegetables, fruits , cereals, and in many other eatable groceries.
The raw materials involved in formation of carnitine acid are Epichlorohydrin ,Betaine, lactose, beef extract,  D(+)-carnitine, and D-glutamatic Acid.  On the other hand, the chemical formula of this supplement is 3-hydroxy-4-(trimethylazaniumyl) butanoate.
 Besides, the chemical properties of carnitine are described below:
§  MP : 197-212 °C(lit.)
§  Storage temp: 2-8°C
§  Merck: 14,1849
§  BRN: 4292315
§  Water solubility: 2500 g/L (20 ºC)
§  Refractive index: -32 ° (C=1, H2O)
§  Solubility: H2O: 0.1 g/mL at 20 °C, clear, colorless.
It has been investigated that one of the far reaching repercussions of L-carnitine reduce your weight is to improve your sperm production. Basically, Carnitine speeds up your metabolic system which resultantly augments your over all body growth. And, this investigation has also been confirmed by the infertility researchers of many universities. The researchers of Italy hold the view that daily intake of L-carnitine 3 gram can help you to increase 80 percent of your sperms counts.
Hence, you need to worry at all. This supplement is going to revolutionize your physical stability. Daily intake of this supplement would certainly change your life style. You would start appearing smart as well as physically fit. And this is what considered to be remained always young. When you fats are burnt and turned in the form energy, it will help you to improve your overall physical performance. Yes, it is the dream of every fat person that he who should be like physically perfect.  
It may be wondering to know that there are plenty of Hollywood stars and world class singers who take L-carnitine reduce your weight supplement for maintaining their physical strength. Actually, L-carnitine is generally found in different forms such as acetyl L-carnitine, L-carnitine fumarate, L-carnitine tartrate  and L-carnitine base. And all of these forms have a different capability to work. Hence, for improving your overall physical performance, you should always prefer to take L-carnitine reduce your weight supplement.
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Most of the people think that will Seo Company bring any changes in their life. The simple answer is yes. It will bring a remarkable change in their businesses. And, we are feeling honorable in this regard. We have revolutionized lives of many small business men. It depends on you which Seo Company you hire. If you are hiring a company that makes timely relations and after delivering your results or completing its projects part away with you. These firms can never bring any change. We engage in long term relationship and try to keep updating our clients what types of service they should take. 
Can I be a successful business man without any Seo Services?
If you are having online business then answer is simply no. You can never be successful business man ever. To be successful, you need to have a big list of customers and they can only be achieved by using Seo Services being offered by our company.  It has been researched that those entrepreneurs who have not opted for any Search engine optimization service, has never increased its business at world level. Hence, it is of paramount importance that Seo Servicesshould be hired. 
Can I use Google seo by myself?
It is impossible to be google seo expert as a business man. It demands research, content management, highly researchable keywords making, appealing titles, attractive language, Hat seo, back linking and many other technical things. It is not as easy as most of the people think. It is time taking process and it does not work by following a single method. A whole plan is devised by our company in this regard. If you wish to use google seo , we can help you in this regard.
What if I hire Seo consultant rather than a company?
It depends on expertise and experiences of the consultant you are going to hire. If the consultant is proactive and has a big experience of Seo then he might work fine. But, there is no match of Seo consultant with a company. Take an example of our company , we are a team of highly organized and talented professionals. In simple words, we are a combination of a major talent. How could a person be able to work like a company? Is not seems odd? Yes it does. Hence, there is no match in this regard.
Can I use Seo Service by myself after reading it?
If you are intellectual and have a good educational background then you can use Seo Service by yourself. But, it will take time to get the result you wish because this field is quite vast and is not confined to one or two pages. You have to learn many things. For long terms it may be helpful but for short terms a company should be hired. 
What is Seo Packages and how they work?
Seo packages are supposed to be promotional ingredients that work for organic results, optimizing a certain web page and improving website visibility. Simply put, they are meant to promote your business through different search engines. They work on search engines, blogs, social sites and personal emails. 
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